What makes you smile on a gloomy day?

Wow when will it stop raining?  It almost feels like Scotland here in Kochi right now.

I’m now on a mission to cheer myself up.   What do you usually do to lighten the mood when it’s the greyest of greys outside?

Besides baking and eating cakes my number 1 is listening to Joanna Newsom, especially when I want to feel creative.  My number 2 is painting, but the light is too gloomy to make the most beautiful of paintings look decent (that may just be an excuse for today).  Next in line after listening to Joanna, would be listening to a very eclectic Japanese musician, who owns the quirkiest of cafes in Hiroshima (One of our best finds since coming to Japan) Her name is Goto Izumi.  Her music is a desired taste, but makes me smile every time.  You can find her here.

Oh I almost forgot, before all of the above my all time pick me up is, of course, my out of this world, magic potion, cinnamon porridge. ahhhh shiawase 🙂

Sadly this can only fill a very small portion of my day.   Bellow you will see what is next on the BendiBenri list of rice cooker delights.  Not as flawless as those you will find in restaurants or izakaya, but still delicious, perhaps fresher and definitely healthier.

Simple salad Maki with a herby crunchy salad and ginger Miso soup.


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