Benri’s Bakery

So here we are, work has officially commenced after the glorious golden week here in Japan.  Ahh。。。なつかし

I’m so terrible at choosing omiage (souvenir) treats for my teachers in all of my 3 schools I teach at (Aprox. 100+ teachers).  I always have the great intention of picking the best I can find.  It’s a huge tradition here in Japan to bring back sugary treats to share after you have travelled somewhere.  Something I really can’t seem to get into.  It’s apart of their culture, I know, so I really should respect that right?  Well, I do, but they often taste terrible, extravagantly packaged and very over priced.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not stingy,  I’m just careful.   I do love sharing and giving, but this, I just can’t seem to justify.

My solution, make your own.  Who doesn’t like home-made delicious cakes?  I love making them, so why not?  So that’s what I did.  I also made one for each of Andy’s 4 schools.  Making a total of 7 cakes…what did I get myself into!!  My poor wee rice cooker is doing crazy over time and my right whisking arm is bulking up big time.   My belly is becoming jellylicious too with all the taste testing…must stop that one!!   But, I just can’t resist.  Too yummy.

The results were just as I thought.  No matter how amateur a cook you are, people seem to really enjoy the warmth and effort that goes into home cooking.  Especially the cake lovers out there. Surprisingly, the teachers who I thought didn’t understand a word of English shocked me by listing all the ingredients of the cake, in English.  One teacher has even asked me to do an English learning cooking class with my 5th grade elementary kids.  This made my day yesterday.  Happy.

Here is one of my wee creations, Carrot cake number 5, which popped out of the oven at 11pm on Thursday evening. Not the best lighting, I know. Not the best camera either, but that will change soon as the big 30 is approaching fast.  Almost time to treat myself…yeahyee 😀


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