Aubergine isn’t the twist!

Oh oh..Opened the fridge!!  had a wee taste.  The opposite of miracle happened.

I’m worrying that writing about failures doesn’t exactly entice folk to want to cook what you cook, does it? I usually only post what I feel is worthy, but I really am at odds about this whole cake making malarkey.   Especially this aubergine one.  I was wondering why I couldn’t find enough eggplant recipes to prove it’s ok to go ahead with this one….ahhh why am I getting so worked up about it? It’s only a cake!  EXACTLY that’s it, it’s because it’s a cake! If you chose to eat cake, you have to make it worth it! You have to justify why you went over your calories. Don’t you?  It has to be amazing, the best you have ever eaten!  Don’t you agree?

Ok, so, I always enjoy incorporating a twist to my cake making. It’s the justification thing. I want to stay healthy and I know a lot of folk out there do to, so I love that twist, that twist of healthiness, but eggplant isn’t the twist for me. Especially not in cake.

Perhaps it’s the skin?

Sorry Aubergine! Not this time.


2 thoughts on “Aubergine isn’t the twist!

  1. This is too funny. You get an A+ for bravery, but I myself wouldn’t even try a bite!! Thanks for visiting my site

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