My Last Post, but it’s not the end :)


This post underlines my bendibenri blog.  It has been over a year since I documented my adventures in the kitchen in this blog, however that doesn’t mean things have been quiet where experimenting with food is concerned.

I have since moved over to vegetarianism  although I could call myself vegan, but I’m sure that some animal products sneak themselves into food when I eat out – and those I cannot control.  That said, putting a label to my eating habbits doesn’t feel right because they are often judged in so many ways.  The truth, in short is, I want to live a predominantly plant-based diet which is highly alkaline forming to help me achieve optimum health, sustain good energy levels and help prevent sickness.  This new start, I feel, warrants the creation of a new blog to enable me to keep motivated and stay absorbed in one of my biggest loves – food.   I’m so excited about it and have so many recipes I’d like to share that my meat-eater friends also give their thumbs up to.

If like me you are in to eating for good health please join me.  I’d love to hear from you and your views and opinions.